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Ball Bearing

Part No. 75-3224
OEM Part No: 62042RS, 741-0919A, 941-0919A, AM124479, 532 12 98-95, 55541MA

6204 2RS

Mower Deck Spindle Bearing for Troy Bilt models 13AJ609G766
Mower Deck Spindle Bearing for Cub Cadet models i1046, LX1042, 13AE11CG395, 13AP11CH630, 13AP91AP330, 13AP91AS330, 13AP93AS330, 13AQ92AK330, 13AX11CG330, 13AX11CG630, 13AX11CG710, 13AX11CH710, 13AX91AG330, 13AX91AS330, 13BP91AS330, 13BPA1CS330, 13HN99AE330, 17AE2ACG330, 17AE2ACG630, 17AF2BDT330, 17AF9BKH710, 17ARCBDS330, 17BA5A4G630, 17RF9BKH756, 17WE9BKR010.
Fits Massey Ferguson models MF42-20SD, 13APA1ZS395
Mower Deck Spindle Bearing for MTD models JE145A, LT175, 135L450C678, 136L450C678, 136N765N678, 136T765N678, 13A091WT333 , 13A1762F670, 13A226JD319, 13A226JD333, 13A2756F306, 13A2765F06, 13A2765F306, 13A326JC318, 13A326JC373, 13A5451F502, 13A5472F502, 13A5791G670, 13A7660G352, 13A7660G752, 13A7771G670, 13AA458C670, 13AA475C678, 13AA478A620, 13AA478A670, 13AA478F670, 13AA660F670, 13AB11CH710, 13AB604G671, 13AB652F729, 13AC26JD330, 13AC458C670, 13AC762F370, 13AC762F670, 13AC76GF390, 13AD514E671, 13AD624G401, 13AD791G670, 13AD794N643, 13AE11CG395, 13AE404E671, 13AE51CE630, 13AE51CN630, 13AF698G670, 13AG618G706, 13AI678G670, 13AI762F670, 13AI794N643, 13AJ609G766, 13AK608G129, 13AL450C670, 13AL93GS319, 13AM004F671, 13AM475F670, 13AM488E670, 13AM498N670, 13AM604F671, 13AM604G671, 13AM662G659, 13AM678F670, 13AM693F671, 13AM694F671, 13AM76TF333, 13AM775S306, 13AM91WF333, 13AN604F, 13AN772G308, 13AN772G370, 13AN772G700, 13AN772S329, 13AN775G308, 13AN775S306, 13AN775S308, 13AN779G766, 13AN77GG390, 13AN77GS390, 13AN77KG011, 13AN91WS333, 13AO771H055, 13AO91WT333, 13AP11CH630, 13AP478A670, 13AP604G371, 13AP604G671, 13AP604H671, 13AP608G129, 13AP90YG371, 13AP90YP371, 13AP90YS371, 13AP91AP330, 13AP91AS330, 13AP91CS395, 13AP93AS330, 13AP93WS333, 13AQ672G607, 13AQ688G670, 13AQ92AK330, 13AS678G670, 13AS694G671, 13AT604G671, 13AT604G672, 13AT604G755, 13AT765N678, 13AT785S306, 13AT785T306, 13AU604G671, 13AV51CE654, 13AV604G371, 13AV604G671, 13AV90KS333, 13AV90YG371, 13AV90YS371, 13AV93WF333, 13AX11CG330, 13AX11CG630, 13AX11CG710, 13AX11CH710, 13AX604G671, 13AX605G755, 13AX60TG563, 13AX60TG766, 13AX611G705, 13AX694G401, 13AX79KT309, 13AX91AG330, 13AX91AS330, 13AV93WS333, 13B1662F670, 13B2765F306, 13BA660F670, 13BD514E671, 13BE514N671, 13BN682G129, 13BN771G729, 13BP514N671, 13BP91AS330, 13BPA1CS330, 13BT514N671, 13BT604H755, 13C1514E671, 13CD768N670, 13CG514E671, 13CI514E671, 13ED50GE690, 13HM71KE678N.
Fits Rover models 420/38, Mini 382 Hydro, Mini Rider, RZT50, RZTS46, Smart Mini Hydro 60 RDH, 13A276WF333 , 13A521SC600, 13A721JD333, 13A879WS333, 13AV93WS333, 13B226JD333, 17ARCACQ333, 17ARCBDT333
Used on Husqvarna Spindle assemblies
Fits Troy Bilt models 13WX78KS066


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Inside Diameter Outside Diameter Width
2532" 20mm 1 2732" 47mm 3564" 14mm

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